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Doherty graduates last 2013 class of at-home agents

Doherty graduates its last 2013 class of at-home call center agents
The last at-home call center agent training class of 2013 has graduated in Alexandria, Minnesota. Doherty trained and hired a total of 100 people from Alexandria and the surrounding area to work in at-home call center agent jobs for their client, Bluestem Brands, Inc. between August and November. Doherty is an important supplier of contract services to Bluestem Brands; this is the first year Doherty has offered an at-home call center training course to introduce Bluestem to qualified call center representatives able to work from their homes. Eric Berg said, "We had a great experience with...

Are You Cut Out for a Work-at-Home Job?

Doherty provides call center at-home staffing
As training begins for job candidates that Doherty is hiring for 125 work-at-home positions in Alexandria, Minnesota, and as giant businesses like Amazon adopt the new work model, it's important for everyone involved to understand how the workday will change for at-home workers. Working at home made possible by technology Better technology allows employers to monitor...
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