Why Doherty?

Why choose Doherty Career Solutions as your Recruiting Partner?

Our search process allows us to concentrate on exclusive search assignments—meaning that our team of executive recruiting specialists takes the time to learn and understand your organization’s needs and culture in order to bring you only the most qualified candidates.

Partnership. A successful placement is much more than a filled assignment; we consider our clients true business partners. Doherty Career Solutions maintains relationships with candidates and employers to ensure the transition process is a success.

Results. An executive search firm is the most reliable way to find qualified talent. Our sole purpose is to bring you professionals who have the leadership, managerial and technical skills necessary to thrive in your organization.

Experience. Executive recruiting isn’t easy. Talented executives very rarely put themselves on the market, which is why the right resources and expertise are needed to successfully motivate them to consider new opportunities.

Confidentiality. Using an executive search firm allows you to conduct your search with complete confidentiality, including reaching out to candidates who work for competitors.

Quality. As part of our commitment to exceptional service, we follow a proven recruitment process, and guarantee a world-class, professional experience every step of the way.

How we meet our clients' standards

As part of our commitment to exceptional service, we follow a proven 4-step process—and guarantee a world-class, professional experience every step of the way.

Doherty's 4-step recruiting and placement process

Our Recruiting Process
  1. Discovery: Consultation that results in creation of candidate criteria and client expectations based on your organization's business needs and culture.

  2. Sourcing: Implementation of a creative and efficient recruiting strategy designed by an executive recruiting team. This includes networking with specified industry experts, searching within our proprietary database, and using the latest social media tools.

  3. Solutions: Presentation and selection of top candidates. Using our proprietary assessment tools and client-specific screening, we choose candidates based on skills, experience and fit to your company's culture, allowing us to provide you with the most qualified talent.

  4. Integration: Post-hire analysis and employee retention are key elements in maintaining a successful hiring strategy. Doherty Career Solutions maintains a relationship with candidates and employers to ensure the transition process is successful for both sides.

Quality, Quantity . . . Qualified

Over 35 years of experience and employment legal expertise has gone into the development of our recruiting processes, built to quickly and effectively find and place qualified candidates who succeed in work environments of every kind. We’ll hold our recruiting methods up against any other provider in the industry.

Recruiting Best Practices

Here are some of the methods we use to continuously recruit qualified candidates:

  • Advertising and Promotion: Doherty works with local and regional print publications, online job boards, radio, outdoor advertising, and other channels to run targeted and effective recruiting campaigns.
  • Social Network Recruiting: Doherty has an active online and social media presence; we reach prospective new hires through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks on a daily basis.
  • Community Recruiting: Our locations host job fairs and hiring events every month, and partner with nearly 250 schools, agencies, and other organizations to reach qualified local candidates.
  • Central Operations Capabilities: Doherty manages a robust database of employees and candidates, matching open positions with qualified candidates. Other tools include a state-of-the-art auto-dialer, mass email and texting to quickly ramp up staffing as needed.
  • Referral Marketing: Referrals from friends and family are a primary source of quality recruiting leads. Doherty promotes and incentivizes referrals in every market.
  • Marketing & Recruiting Partners: Doherty has invested in strategic partnerships with proven leaders in employment advertising and marketing.
  • Measuring Recruiting Success: We continually measure our effectiveness in attracting qualified applicants and candidates through a variety of metrics, and adjust our process as needed to improve our performance.

Handling Challenging Placements

To meet the demand for employees with specialized skills and aptitudes, Doherty Career Solutions is supported by eight full-time professional recruiters with tenured industry experience, as well as local support at every Doherty office. We operate an extensive network of industry contacts in our proprietary in-house database, and we reach out to this network with targeted email, text, social media messaging, and networking events, and we go where the professional job seeker goes by using the newest social recruiting technologies and apps.

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