Employee Testimonials

Why do people like working for Doherty?

Our recruiters and staffing specialists work with candidates to find jobs that fit their skills, schedule and earning potential. Doherty employees explore a variety of workplace environments and opportunities during their employment experience. Here are a few testimonials from actual Doherty employees. We'll let them explain the different kinds of work they perform at some of the great companies Doherty places them for jobs.

Notes & Quotes from our Employees

"Just want to thank and let you know I have accepted a direct position as a warehouse supervisor. It's been a great pleasure working for Doherty and the experience has been wonderful. Your support and teamwork gave me the energy to keep going on for a year as a temporary employee, and I decided to take the next challenge to work even better with your team. I really appreciate your continuous support and looking forward to more years of cooperation." ~ Abdishakur - St. Cloud, MN

"They provide good service and feedback, and they are extremely helpful." ~ Josiah - Owatonna, MN

"Doherty helped me find a better part-time job as a student." ~ Kangar - Mankato, MN

"Their representatives are knowledgeable and very helpful. They seem to really care about you and are careful to place you in a position that is suitable." ~ Tanya - Bloomington, MN

"Doherty placed me in an assignment of my choosing and qualifications. They would check frequently with me on how things were going and had little bonuses that would make me want to be at work every day. This is why I'm currently full-time at my job; starting off as a Doherty employee." ~ Andrew - Perham, MN

"Doherty is one of the most multicultural employment agencies, and they always make sure to choose the right person to work in the right place. It is truly an equal employment opportunity employer. I highly recommend Doherty to anyone who is looking for a job." ~ Ashraf - St. Paul, MN

"I cannot say I had even one bad experience with Doherty. They were punctual and always seemed to have my best interest as top priority." ~ John - Brooklyn Park, MN

"I was put to work quickly at the location I requested. After I spent just a few months as a temporary worker, I was hired on permanently by the company." ~ Derek - Jackson, MN

"I appreciated being able to go through a temporary employment service and getting the feeling of actually having a company care about the position they place me in. They also took my hard work into consideration and were flexible with my schedule, especially when I had class." ~ Breshaunda - Minneapolis, MN

"Doherty has always gotten me an interview for a job within the week I call in and assisted me in getting the jobs. They are always helpful and courteous whenever I call, as well." ~ Akicita - Shakopee, MN

"They have assignments for people who are using public transportation to get to work. They are very understanding and caring about workers, and consistent with finding jobs." ~ Tereasha - St. Louis Park, MN

"I experienced that Doherty not only places people in jobs, they also seriously take into consideration the 'right fit' for the employee and the potential employer, they also take the extra step and continue looking for better employment opportunities for the employee!" ~ Janet - Roseville, MN

"I had 3 different temporary employment opportunities offered to me thanks to Doherty! They were great at placing me in jobs that suited me well, gave me excellent experience, and new professional connections. I worked closely with my Doherty representative, who was so kind and helpful and answered any questions I had, since it was my first time working with a temporary agency." ~ Emma - Edina, MN

"After spending many months job searching and interviewing, I finally decided to give Doherty a call. Once I completed my interview, the Doherty representative assured me that I had great qualifications and that she could place me somewhere. To my shocking surprise, they called me within the first week and said they set an interview for an administration position, which was exactly what I was looking for. I went to the interview, which went well, and later they called me to see if I wanted to accept the position! I did accept and worked in a temporary position for only four months before the company offered me a full-time permanent position, which I was very happy to accept! Thank you Doherty Staffing for all your help!!" ~ Karen - Alexandria, MN

"Fast service with always finding me work. If one assignment ends, they always find me another one - usually within the same day. They are always very nice to work with, too." ~ Tiffany - Eau Claire, WI

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