Medical Assembly Jobs

What's it like to work in a medical assembly job?

Sometimes called medical appliance technicians, orthotic technicians, or appliance fitters, medical assembly workers build or modify devices and appliances for the medical fields. A medical assembly worker might help produce pacemakers, implants, prosthetic limbs, crutches, or any other type of medical equipment or gear.

A medical assembly job may require working with a range of materials, including metals and plastics. Medical assembly workers often use machining, welding, or grinding skills to fabricate devices. Some medical products are mass-produced, others are created to meet specifications to fit one person or one size range.

Sometimes medical assembly jobs require working in a "clean room." A clean room in manufacturing is usually a room or suite separated from the rest of the facility and carefully controlled for climate and cleanliness, and protected from outside contaminants with strict procedures regarding clothing and airflow.

Medical assembly workers often receive on-the-job training; a high school diploma is usually required.

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