Our Leadership

Doherty | The Employment Experts' Leadership Team

Valerie Doherty Ceo

Valerie Doherty, Owner & Chief Executive Officer

New Tim Doherty

Tim Doherty, Owner & Chairman

Jim Haubrich

Jim Haubrich, Chief Financial Officer

Doherty Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson, Vice President | Training and Development

Doherty Lisa Stinespring

Lisa Stinespring, Vice President | Minnesota Metro Area

Doherty Lisa Koll

Lisa Koll, Vice President | Northern Minnesota Area

Doherty Gauher Mohammad

Gauher Mohammad, Vice President | Southern Minnesota Area

Doherty VP Scott Foley

Scott Foley, Vice President | Career Solutions

William Billy Doherty

William Doherty, General Counsel

Doherty Amy Giessinger

Amy Giessinger, Director of Marketing

Doherty Dan Gronseth

Dan Gronseth, Director of Information Technology

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