Production & Manufacturing Jobs

What's it like to work in a manufacturing job?

Manufacturing companies are where things are made in America, and manufacturing is very important to the economy. Production and manufacturing jobs vary, the worker experience depends on the products being produced. Airplanes, computer chips, patio bricks, tennis shoes and shopping carts all come out of manufacturing plants, but the workplace and the work is very different from one to the other.

Manufacturing jobs include positions such as technicians, welders, engineers, machine operators, quality managers, administrative assistants, HR managers, floor supervisors, maintenance workers, line workers, customer service, forklift drivers, and many more. Whatever is needed to get a product designed, produced and into the marketplace is a manufacturing job.

Many manufacturing companies use multiple shifts to keep production going, so a manufacturing job may be on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift. There is often overtime available, and for many jobs a high school diploma is required. Manufacturing is a great place to start a career because there are many directions to go in a manufacturing company, depending on your skills and interests.

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