On-Site Workforce Management

On-site workforce support

Running a high-volume, lean operation? Doherty's on-site staffing program is cost-effective, compliant and efficient.

Our experts work at your facility, handling all the management responsibility of the temporary workforce, so you can focus on your core competencies.

Doherty takes care of the details

Our on-site staffing program offers:

  • An on-site team created exclusively for your company
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Innovative applicant sourcing & screening technology
  • Customized reporting on your program's performance
  • Additional supplier management services

High-volume capabilities

Handling large-scale requirements with short lead times is our specialty. We provide customized support to clients with unique business cycles and we are equipped to handle quick ramp ups and cut-backs, as well as emergency requests.

Qualified pool of applicants

Doherty combines an experienced network of industry-focused recruiters, web-based and traditional recruiting methods, and our own candidate pool to provide ample qualified options. Our state-of-the-art screening tools ensure on-site employees have the skills you require.

Onboarding support

A well-developed onboarding process improves employees' productivity and retention, reducing costs associated with high turnover. Doherty builds and manages highly effective onboarding programs for our clients.

Reducing your downtime & costs

Doherty's on-site staffing team fills your open positions with flexible, quality talent, allowing you to focus on production schedules instead of seeking, hiring and retaining your workforce, while also:

  • Protecting your organization from co-employment liability
  • Increasing productivity—and profitability
  • Reducing overtime spending
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