Call Center & Customer Service Staffing

Exceptional customer service: We provide it so you can, too.

Contact centers face continual challenges-changing cultures, budget cuts, attrition, fluctuating call volumes, and the constant expectation to do more with less. Doherty Contact Center Solutions specializes in contact center staffing and consulting.

By partnering with Doherty, you can focus on your core competencies-like providing an exceptional customer experience-while you allow us to provide your top talent, reduce attrition, and decrease your stress.

Contact center experts

Doherty has provided staffing solutions for over 35 years and is active and respected in the contact center community. Doherty actively participates in contact center events nationwide. By immersing our team in the industry, Doherty stays ahead of emerging trends, technologies, and challenges facing our clients. And by supporting a wide range of contact centers and call types, we’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of industry best practices.

Benchmarking for quality placements

In addition to our process for assessing and measuring candidates, Doherty also offers custom profiles through our Benchmarking Program. Doherty experts assess the top 5 performers in your contact center to determine their personalities and behaviors, then creates a custom profile required for placement in your center.

Decrease attrition, increase productivity

According to studies by Purdue University; call center turnover can be reduced by up to 21% by implementing new procedures in your Applicant Intake Process. Doherty’s intake process mirrors the recommendations of Purdue University. Additionally, Doherty conducts weekly employee touch bases to ensure employee satisfaction.

Winning Teams

Every day, Doherty experts place screened, qualified staff in call centers, including:

  • Customer Service & Claims
  • Telemarketing
  • Market Research
  • Billing & Collections
  • Technical Support
  • Client/Account Services
  • Workforce Management & Reporting
  • Team Lead/Supervisor/ Trainer
  • Manager/Director/VP
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